Bologna, the City of Culture

There is a saying that the Bolognese do not realize how beautiful their city is. Actually, they are well aware of it! Bologna is the result of a magical and alchemic mixture of art and culture. It has 12 city museums, 1 national museum, 4 church museums, 4 private-owned museums, 16 University museums and an invaluable Jewish museum. But it is also a lively and cheerful place, brought alive by the thousands of university students who have been flocking to the Alma Mater Studiorum – the oldest University in the world – every year since 1088 AD, the year of its establishment.


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Getting around

By train: You can arrive at Bologna Central Station in  ½ hour, from Florence, 1 hour from Milan, in 1 ½ hour from Venice, in 2 ½ hours from Rome, in 5 hours and 45 minutes from Bari. Besides it is also connected to almost all the cities and provinces of Emilia Romagna. Trenitalia - Italotreno

By car: In Bologna there are the two main Italian motorways that junction, linking the north and south of the country (A1 and A14), thus it can be reached directly from all major Italian citiesHighways
By bus: Buses arrive to the bus station (Autostazione) from the main towns in the Province of Bologna and from all major Italian and European cities. You can go the West to Spain, Portugal, or to Morocco in the South, East to Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and North up to Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway and England. Buses
By plane: Marconi International Airport connects Bologna to the main Italian and European airports. You can arrive from London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Kiev, Prague in less than two hours, and now you go to destinations such as Beijing, Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo.

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