Wolfang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfang Amadeus Mozart


Mozart flocked to Bologna two times in 1770 when he was 14. The first time he performed a private concert for Count Pallavicini in his palace of via San Felice, and stayed at the Hotel of Pellegrino (that no longer exists), that was located in a side street of via Ugo Bassi. The concert was attended by Padre Martini, an important personality of the musical scene of the eighteenth century with whom Mozart studied in Villa Pallavicini during the summer of the same year.

Mozart is still famous for his admission exam to enter Bologna's Philharmonic Academy, one of the most prestigious music institutions in Europe. The admission exam was the same students must pass now to enter the Conservatory, the so-called clausura. There are three different versions of Mozart's test: The right one is cherished by the Academy, while two further versions (one of which including several mistakes) are cherished by the Museum of Music and are displayed under his famous portrait. It seems that even the brilliant composer needed help to pass the exam.



  • Salzburg, January 27, 1756 - Vienna, December 5, 1791
  • at 6 years old he had already composed his first minuet
  • was born at street-number 9 of Getreidegasse in Salzburg
  • 3 trips in Italy 1769-1773
  • 18 sonatas for solo piano written
  • composed from 6 to 12 variations on popular themes or opera arias
  • 23 string quartets, of which the first 7 composed in northern Italy
  • The symphonies are 41, the first 5 composed when he was between 9 and 11 years old
  • The plays completed are 24 and the compositions of sacred music over 60
  • K492 is the number in the Kochel catalog of reference for the opera The Marriage of Figaro

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