Giovanni Pascoli

 Giovanni Pascoli

Poet and writer

"Romagna solatia, dolce paese" (Sunny Romagna, sweet country): Giovanni Pascoli celebrated his native town, whose name was changed into San Mauro Pascoli in his honour, with these affectionate words. Casa Pascoli, the important state-owned museum that was appointed National Monument in 1924, left a deep mark in the soul of the poet. Many of his poems revolve around the period he spent in San Mauro, and reflect the strict relationship he had with his family and his attachment to his homeland.

The house was fully restored to the original structure; the only completely intact room, that gives visitors the possibility to gain precious insights into the poet's childhood, is the large kitchen with its big fireplace. The Museum often arranges guided tours, dedicated exhibitions and educational activities, and also cooperates with the organization of important conventions and events that are aimed at safeguarding Pascoli's heritage.

Another unmissable Pascoli-related place is "La Torre" (Villa Torlonia), the superb farmhouse of Prince Torlonia where Pascoli's father worked as an administrator; this is the place he left with his "cavalla storna" before his death.




  • San Mauro di Romagna, December 31, 1855 - Bologna, April 6, 1912
  • 4th of 10 children
  • 11 years old when his father was assassinated
  • 16 years old when he moved to Rimini
  • 600 lire (old italian coin) the scholarship gained to enter the University of Bologna
  • 13 times he won the competition of Latin poetry of Amsterdam
  • 50 major works of literature and poetry

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