Marino Moretti

Marino Moretti

Poet and writer

Marino Moretti, a crepuscular poet, post-naturalistic writer and brilliant journalist, was born in Cesenatico, where the sea water laps over the edge of the old town, and also died there. Marino Moretti House-Museum overlooks the western side of the famous Harbour designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Its interior still cherishes the original furniture from that time, and also contains precious books, documents and artworks that were given to the Town Hall by the poet himself and by his sister Ines.

Since 15 years, Casa Moretti has been the venue for an important research centre on the Italian literature of the 20th century, and every year hosts important seminars and events, such as the "Biennial Prize for Philology, History and Criticism", that takes place in October, and the traditional summer exhibition.



  • Cesenatico, July 18, 1885 - Cesenatico, July 6, 1979
  • To 1902 and 1903 belong the first collections of short stories and poems
  • 1905 is the year of true literary debut
  • In 1923 he started working with periodicals and newspapers
  • 15 collections of poetry
  • 51 collections of narrative and prose
  • 4 literary awards

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