Pellegrino Artusi

Pellegrino Artusi

Gastronome and writer

 Pellegrino Artusi, also known as "l'Artusi", the illustrious gastronome who became famous all over Italy when he wrote the practical manual "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well", is the most representative citizen of Forlimpopoli, a small medieval village that develops halfway between Forlì and Cesena along the via Aemilia and is backed by the sweet hills of Romagna and the imposing fortress of Bertinoro.

Casa Artusi, that is hosted inside the fully restored monumental complex of Chiesa dei Servi and is subdivided into plenty of distinct spaces featuring different purposes, is dedicated to the city's most respected gastronome and his artworks. Pellegrino Artusi Library includes the Civic Library, Artusi Collection and the precious Collection of Italian Gastronomy. The Cooking School is home to both demonstrations and practical classes, and it is supervised by the famous Associazione delle Mariette. Casa Artusi Restaurant gives guests the possibility to taste exquisite traditional specialities from Emilia-Romagna. The Cellar is part of the Regional Wine Cellar of Emilia- Romagna di Dozza (Bo). The Event Space often hosts important meetings, conventions and congresses.



  • Forlimpopoli, August 4, 1820 - Florence, March 30, 1911 
  • 3 works written by Artusi 
  • 2 essays of literary criticism 
  • 1 cookbook 
  • for over 100 years, the gastronomic volume remained in print 
  • 15 editions edited by himself
  • Since 1997, the municipality of Forlimpopoli celebrate the "feast Artusiana"
  • 790 recipes are gathered in the manual

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