Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi


Parma is inextricably linked with the most acclaimed Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi, who was born in Roncole di Busseto and whose personality still permeates the city's culture and landscape. Verdi is the protagonist of a splendid theme itinerary and that of the detailed biography describing his connection with Sant'Agata in Piacenza.

Few people know that Verdi and Piacenza are deeply interconnected, and this connection goes beyond the origins of his family. In 1851, Verdi and his wife, the operatic soprano Giuseppina Strepponi, moved to Sant'Agata, a cosy hamlet that Verdi described as "his village", where he devoted himself full time to agriculture and his passions: Art, poetry, economy, politics. Furthermore, he kept composing music, became an important landowner and cattle breeder and was elected Town Councillor of Villanova d'Arda and Councillor of the Province of Piacenza. He personally planted and watered his fields, and constantly strove to improve the living conditions of his tenants. He also established the Hospital of Villanova. A tour of Villa Verdi is the best way to gain precious insights into the immortal spirit of Giuseppe Verdi.



  • Roncole of Busseto, October 10, 1813 - Milan, January 27, 1901
  • 15 years old when his opening sinfonia was performed at the theater
  • 4 years necessary to represent his first opera at La Scala
  • 14 replicas of the work
  • March 9, 1842 Nabucco staged at the Theather Scala
  • 64 times was replicated only in the 1st year
  • 28 operas
  • 3 Italian honors
  • 6 foreign honors

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