Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari

Entrepreneur, engineer and racing driver

"Il Commendatore" (Commendator) is still present in the collective memory of people from Maranello. The chef Aldegonda Bertani tells: "Ferrari had an extreme love of Modena's cuisine even if he didn't have a favourite food. The only dish that he was mad about was the "gnocco fritto": When he visited friends, he often asked them to serve him a portion of gnocco, and usually ate it with ham". Dino Tagliazucchi, his personal chauffeur, says: "We often departed from Bologna late at night and he told me: - Dino, bring me to Maranello because I need to meet my mechanics. They are working on a car that must be ready by tomorrow, and I need to check its conditions. - As soon as we arrived in Maranello, he called the owner of a nearby restaurant and ordered some bread and salami and a bottle of Lambrusco for his mechanics, so that they could work until the next morning. This was Ferrari".

The story of the man who created the myth of the famous "red cars" is celebrated by the dedicated Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum, that cherishes the house where Drake was invented in 1898, and Maranello's Ferrari Museum.



  • Modena February 18, 1898 - Modena August 14, 1988
  • 9 winnings of Ferrari in world championship with him alive
  • at 21 he made his debut as a pilot
  • 40 competitions in car races
  • 17 the numer he could not bear on racing cars
  • 3 honors from the Italian republic
  • 9 awards including the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2000

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