Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Count humanist and philosopher 


Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (Mirandola 1463 - Florence 1494) The prodigious memory of Count Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, an important Renaissance philosopher, has remained proverbial. A real vocation for studies encouraged him to intensify his knowledge of Hebrew and Cabbalist texts. He settled in Florence, a rich and animated cultural environment, where he met Lorenzo dè Medici and Marsilio Ficino. His writings soon aroused criticism, unfavourable reactions and accusations. He died at the age of 31 years and was buried in the monastery of San Marco in Florence.

In 2008, his body was exhumed, and the forensic tests carried out by scientists from the University of Bologna and Parma's RIS showed that he died of arsenic poisoning, probably at the order of the astrologists. His memory is still cherished by Mirandola's Castle of the Pico (piazza Marconi 23), where the splendid paintings and furnishings of the Civic Museum give visitors the possibility to gain precious insights into the most important vicissitudes experienced by one of the most illustrious courts of the Po Valley. It is also home to an extraordinary reproduction of Pico's face, that was realized using modern archaeological anthropology techniques. The Gothic church of San Francesco contains the splendid shrines of the Pico, that were sculpted between the fourteenth and the fifteenth century by the Venetian artists Dalle Masegne.



  • Mirandola, February 24, 1463 - Florence, November 17, 1494
  • at 14 years old he entered the University of Bologna
  • 900 are the thesis made ​​by Pico and exposed to philosophical congress in Rome in 1486
  • 900 thesis condamned by Pope Innocent VIII
  • 7 thesis considered heretical by the theologians of the Vatican
  • 6 thesis considere baseless by theologians of the Vatican
  • 1 month of imprisonment for heresy
  • At 31 he died of syphilis

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