Attilio Bertolucci

Attilio Bertolucci


In summer, the poet Attilio Bertolucci lived for long periods in the house his family had in Casarola, just in the heart of Parma's Apennines. Casarola is surrounded by enchanting natural scenery and remarkable landscapes, such as the Parco dei Cento Laghi (Hundred Lakes Park), that were defined by Bertolucci himself "good places to live". In September 9, 1943, Bertolucci hid in his old family house together with Ninetta and the young Bernando (who later became an award-winning film director) to flee the war.

For many years, the small village was an important gathering place for intellectuals, writers, film directors and actors that came to visit Bertolucci, such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giorgio Bassani and Paolo Lagazzi. The special relationship between Attilio Bertolucci and the mountains of Parma's Apennines is underlined by "La lucertola di Casarola" (The Lizard of Casarola) (1997), a collection of works from his youth and other unpublished poems dedicated to the ancient village and thick woods of Casarola.




  • San Prospero, Parma, November 18, 1911 - Rome, June 14, 2000
  • 2 sons, both famous directors
  • 1929 begins the literary production
  • 2 the unic exams he took at the Faculty of Law of Parma
  • 1935 he moved to Bologna
  • 10 collections of poetry
  • 3 works in prose
  • 1 anthology published posthumously
  • 2 honors
  • 3 literary awards

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