Painter, a precursor of illusionistic painting

Many illustrious people contributed to make Parma famous all over the world. Within this context, a very special role is played by the famous painter Antonio Allegri, who is better known as Correggio. We have very little information about his early years, but it seems certain that his transfer to Parma in 1519 marked the beginning of his career. Visitors will have the possibility to discover the city while admiring Correggio's most prestigious artworks.

The outstanding decoration of the Camera di San Paolo is still the subject of a certain amount of controversial debate, and the real meanings of the fresco are still unknown. The frescoes of the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista were the first public work commissioned to the painter: The decoration of the dome made Allegri very famous, and starting from that moment he was commissioned plenty of further exceptional works. The Assumption of the Virgin in the dome of the Duomo is the best representation of the existing relationship between depth and movement: Below the feet of Jesus, the uncorrupted Virgin is lofted upward by a vortex of singing or otherwise musical angels.




  • Correggio, August 1489 - Correggio, March 5, 1534
  • between 1510 and 1514 date back to the early works
  • 1520 begins the artistic phase in Parma
  • 35 early works
  • 50 mature works
  • 2 works commissioned by Isabella d'Este

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