Giuseppe Ricci Oddi

Giuseppe Ricci Oddi

Art collector

Giuseppe Ricci Oddi was an enthusiastic collector from Piacenza. He was especially passionate about two types of paintings: Landscapes, that were typical of private collections since they could be used to decorated houses and flats, and portraits, especially those realized by the Scapigliati and Divisionist painters. His prestigious collection gathers precious paintings by illustrious artists, such as Pellizza da Volpedo, Previati, Segantini, Zandomenichi, Bocchi and many more.

He had the ambitious project to illustrate the development of figurative arts, from Romanticism to contemporary art, both in Italy and abroad, so that his collection could become an important point of reference for both artists and critics. He devoted himself to create this collection and in 1924, when he decided to give it to the city, he also constructed the building that still hosts it at his own expenses.




  • Piacenza 1868 - Piacenza 1936
  • at 29 years old his mother gave him an entire floor of the building in via Poggiali as private apartment
  • in 1897 he began his collection of works of art
  • in 1688, the family Ricci Oddi receives the noble title
  • £ 5,000 the price of "Mommy" Michetti, the first great name of the collection
  • £ 75,000 price of a painting by Turner which he refuses to buy
  • 300 photographs donated to Mayor James Lanza
  • £ 50,000 price "Musketeer sitting" of Mancini (the artist had asked for £ 90,000)that is, with Ricci Oddi alive, the highest amount paid for a
  • painting
  • 400 works from the collection of the gallery opening

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