Gioacchino Rossini

Gioacchino Rossini


The lively streets of Lugo's city centre are permeated with the memory of the famous composer who lived there for a short period of time during his adolescence. Rossini lived in via Manfredi 25, and a funerary stone still reminds us of his presence between 1802 and 1804. The House-Museum of via Giacomo Rocca 14 cherishes precious documents and pictures that bear witness to the strong relationship the composer had with the city.

Even if he never lived there, Rossini described it in affectionate detail, since it was part of his family heritage. Another Rossini-related site worthy of mention is Villa Malerbi: The young Rossini started studying music and singing at the school run by Malerbi Canons. The young musician was so talented that he was even allowed to play the precious organ cherished by the local Chiesa del Carmine, that had been built several years before by the illustrious artist Gaetano Callido.



  • Pesaro, February 29, 1792 - Paris, November 13, 1868
  • at 14 years old composed his first opera
  • at age 14 he entered the music school of Bologna
  • 8 years of marriage with the opera singer Isabella Colbran
  • at 21 years old 10 of his works had already been represented
  • 42 operas
  • 20 works of instrumental music
  • 29 works of vocal music
  • 17 works of sacred music
  • 24 sung music, including hymns and choruses
  • 14 volumes of Péchés de viellesse
  • 2 honors

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