The seven Cervi Brothers

The seven Cervi Brothers


Reggio-Emilia was the native town of the most representative exponents of the Italian Resistance Movement. The seven Cervi Brothers, upright men with deep democratic convictions, took an active part in the Resistance by paying with their lives for their fidelity to the ideals of freedom and social justice that had been transmitted to them from childhood by their father. Taken prisoners, they were shot by the fascists on December 28, 1943.

Praticello di Gattatico, a small village that develops few kilometres far from the city in the direction of Parma and extends north of the Via Aemilia, is home to the dedicated museum, that is hosted in the same farmhouse where the brothers lived with their father Alcide and were arrested. It cherishes interesting documents, photos and memorabilia connected with their historical vicissitudes, the Italian Resistance Movement and the rural society of the first half of the century. The museum arranges a rich calendar of conventions, exhibitions and cultural activities, and also hosts an important library of history of agriculture and a precious collection of paintings by naïf artists




  • 1901/1906/1909/1911/1916/1918/1921 - ReggioEmilia 1943
  • 6.30 am December 28, 1943, the 7 brothers were killed by nazi-fascist troops
  • 2013: 70th anniversary of death
  • In 1968 has been produced a film about them directed by G. Puccini Gian Maria Volonte
  • Cervi's dad dies aged 94, was March 27, 1970
  • 200,000 people at his funeral
  • 7 Silver Medals of Military Valour
  • 5 songs dedicated to them
  • 39 (about) the streets in their name in Italy
  • 4 schools dedicated

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