Alfredo Panzini

Alfredo Panzini

Writer and literary critic

Alfredo Panzini was a very famous author, and wrote for important literary magazines and journals. His father came from Rimini, and Alfredo usually spent his summer holidays with his family in the so-called “Casa rossa” (Red House) in Bellaria Igea-Marina. It was a major gathering place for friends and literate people, and he used to spend long periods of time there while admiring the rural countryside and drawing inspiration for his work.

Casa Rossa, that has recently been fully restored, is now open to the general public. Tourists will have the possibility to visit the rooms where the writer lived, admire his famous bicycle "la severissima Opel - de La Lanterna di Diogene e delle gite in campagna" and explore his cabinet, with its writing desk and drawers containing precious manuscripts. The house itself is now an interesting Museum, whose four walls are decorated with the remains of the splendid ceramic artworks that bear the titles of Panzini's major works.



  • Senigallia, December 31, 1863 - Rome, April 10, 1939
  • in 1905 he compiled the well-known Modern Dictionary, published  by Hoepli
  • For 40 years he was a professor in secondary schools
  • 29 works of fiction written
  • 7 essays (lettarari, historical and linguistic)
  • in 1929 became academic in Italy
  • September 29, 2001 the "Red House on the railroad" becomes public property

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