Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini


He is one of the most appreciated film directors in the world. He was born in Rimini, and even if he lived far from his native town he never forgot it, as evidenced by one of his most famous films, Amarcord, that was written together with Tonino Guerra.

The film celebrated the city of Rimini with its streets, the warm disposition of local inhabitants and the intensity of the local dialect. It pays tribute to many enchanting places of both the city centre and the coastline: The Arch of Augustus, the impressive Malatesta Fortress, Fulgor Cinema, Piazza Cavour, with the sculpture of the Pope Paul V and the famous Pigna Fountain, the Library and its gymnasium, the enchanting Grand Hotel, the harbour and the beach from which he admired the passage of the luxury ocean liner Rex. Fellini was buried in Rimini next to his wife Giulietta Masina.



  • Rimini 1920 - Roma 1993
  • 40 years of film experience
  • 5 Oscars awards winner
  • 2 times winner of the festival of Moscow in 1963 and 1987 
  • 1 Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1960 
  • 1 Golden Lion at the Venice film festival in 1985 
  • the movie 8 1/2 is added to 9th place by the magazine Sight & Sound in most beautiful film category
  • 3rd place in the ranking of the best directors
  • 24 films directed and 52 scripted
  • 5 radio programs and 4 books written by him 
  • 39 total awards including nominations 
  • 2 honors from the Italian republic

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