Sigismondo Malatesta

Sigismondo Malatesta

Lord of Rimini and Fano

Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta became the Lord of Rimini and Fano in 1432 when he was only 15. He took part in important military campaigns for many years, and subsequently used his fame to turn his city into a great Seignory. He commissioned the building of the first Renaissance building in Rimini, the famous Malatesta Temple, that was designed by Leon Battista Alberti and frescoed by Piero della Francesca. It was a lay monument to Sigismondo himself, his wife Isotta degli Atti and the philosopher Giorgio Gemisto Pletone. His aggressive disposition, that had previously contributed to increase his glory, also played a fundamental role in his death.

The Italian intricate political situation led to his decline when he was only forty. Because of the conflict with the Pope and the military occupation of territories under the jurisdiction of the Montefeltro, his situation got worse, and he was only able to retain the city that had always been the symbol of his power. He died at the age of 51 (after he had led an army when he was only 13), and spent his last years working to complete his Temple.



  • Brescia, June 19, 1417 - Rimini, October 9, 1468
  • at 15 years old becomes lord of Rimini and Fano
  • 4 pacts with his brother to divide the land areas of government
  • 1433 is made a knight by the Emperor
  • 6 months of enlistment in 1435 by will of Eugene VI
  • 200 soldiers called "lance of the church" under his command
  • 3 wives
  • 12 years long relationship with his love Isotta degli Atti
  • 3 of them were illegal, experienced by lovers

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