Tonino Guerra

Tonino Guerra

Poet, novelist and screenwriter

The literary career of Tonino Guerra, that started with the composition of dialect poetry under the supervision of Carlo Bo and Gianfranco Contini, was characterized by prestigious recognitions.

De Sica, Taviani brothers, Rosi, Tarkowskij, Antonioni and Federico Fellini are some of the most famous film directors for whom he wrote important scripts, and he also received a nomination for the Academy Awards. Guerra also dealt with painting, ceramics and architecture, what led him to realize precious masterpieces that can still be seen across the surrounding territory. Not to be missed are his parks, fountains, gardens, restaurants and hotels, the socalled "Places of the Soul".


  • Santarcangelo, March 16, 1920 - Santarcangelo, March 21, 2012
  • 4 David di Donatello awards won
  • 1952 literary debut
  • 1 nomination for an Oscar award in 1967
  • 25 years he has lived in Pennabilli
  • 14 literary works in Romagna's dialect
  • 38 works in Italian
  • 41 major screenplays
  • 2 honors from the Italian republic

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