Nott de Biso'

Nott de Biso'


Faenza - Piazza del Popolo






Comune di Faenza

The Eve of the Epiphany is dedicated to the Nott dè Bisò, the closing event exciting Niballo - Palio of Faenza, which is held every year on the fourth Sunday of June.

The Niballo, a large puppet depicting Hannibal, the Saracen warrior who symbolizes the adversity, is burned in a huge bonfire in the middle of the square. The puppet comes to the Square, according to an ancient tradition, on a cart drawn by oxen.

The winning District of the summer Palio has the right to burn it. The party has its apex when the representative of the District, dressed in traditional sixteenth century’s costume, sets fire to the Niballo and all the people drink more than ever bisò (the characteristic mulled wine) in the elegant mugs, ceramic bowls of Faenza.

The festival begins in the morning with the opening of rich food stalls run by the five Districts of Faenza. During this lengthy event music, dancing and lots of fun never fail.

The mug made for Nott dè Bisò ("gotti") is one of the essential elements: it is different every year and it is enhanced with the symbol of the five Districts and the one of the city.

Art and tradition, enclosed in a service of six pieces decorated with the coats of arms of the five Districts plus the one of the city, and a large jug, are a beautiful memory of this wonderful night.


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