TAMO Museum - All the adventure of mosaic

TAMO Museum - All the adventure of mosaic


Complex of S. Nicolò - Ravenna


4€, reduced ticket: 3€


from 2014-09-03
to 2020-12-31



Located in the church of San Nicolò in Ravenna and managed by RavennAntica Foundation, TAMO is an innovative, versatile and multi-faceted museum entirely dedicated to the art of the mosaic, that renews and enriches its collections every year.
Walking in the museum, visitors can discover the wonderful archaeological finds – some of which still unpublished – that belong to the mosaic heritage of Ravenna and date from the Antiquity, the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages up to the works by modern and contemporary artists.
TAMO is not just a traditional museum, but a stronghold of the mosaic and a fascinating journey to watch, discover, understand and experience this ancient art form; in other words, to live the whole adventure of the mosaic.

TAMO also hosts the new “Mosaics between Heaven and Hell” section, which focuses on the figure of Dante and collects the works assigned to great Italian artists of the 20th century by the city of Ravenna for the celebration of the 7th centenary of Dante’s birth. 


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