Piacenza, a town of art between the River Po and the Apennines

A look at the equestrian statue in Piazza Cavalli and you can almost feel the fierce wind blowing through Alessandro Farnese's hair and his steed's mane. The stern warrior prince has been in the saddle for over 400 years, hardly noticing the thousands of visitors he attracts every year. The story of Alessandro's adventurous life is just one of the many tales Piacenza has to tell. This is a unique town, built on the banks of the river Po and surrounded by the Apennines. It was a pas- sage for princes and pilgrims, crusaders and Tem- plars, traders and artists. Are you ready to find out its secrets and plunge into its dreamy atmosphere?


Tourist Information Centre
Piazza Cavalli, 2 Piacenza
Tel +39 0523 492223 
Fax +39 0523 306727
Mail iat@comune.piacenza.it 


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Getting around

By train: Piacenza is reached with trains of Milano-Bologna and Torino-Piacenza lines. Trenitalia
By car: Piacenza is reached from the A1 Highway, which connects province of Piacenza to the North and South of Italy, from the A21 Highway, which connects Brescia and Torino, and through the Via Emilia (state 9)Highways
By bus: The Seta manages the urban, suburban and extra-urban bus lines
By plane: The nearest airports are Bologna, Parma e Bergamo  

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