1763 Theatre

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1763 Theatre




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This intimate, originally preserved gem of a theatre in the left wing of villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati is the only example of a suburban private theatre found in the area of Bologna. The small theatre, expression of the cultural vivacity of the Enlightenment period, was built for Giovan Francesco Aldrovandi, an amateur actor, playwright and theatre lover. The theatre was inaugurated in 1763 with the tragedy written by Voltaire in 1736, Alzira, and translated by Vincenzo Fontanelli, a leading figure in the Este's court in Modena and father-in-law of the owner.

Over a rectangular plan, two tiers of galleries run evenly in a U shape. The refined decoration of the auditorium features delicious pastel frescoes on the walls and twenty tritons and caryatides who seem to carry the two balconies with their spiralling bodies. Depending on the occasion, they held garlands, lanterns or flowers in their hands.

The theatre seats 80 spectators and is famous for its acoustics. For more than 15 years the non-profit association “Cultura e Arte del ’700” has been offering a rich season with drama and opera performances, concerts and lectures.

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