Alidosi Bridge

Castel del Rio - Via Ponte degli Alidosi

Alidosi Bridge




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The rooms can be visited on Sundays from May to October, 10:30 - 15. For group visits by appointment by contacting Pro Loco c/o Municipality of Castel del Rio, tel. 0542 95906


Telephone: +39 0542 602207
FAX: +39 0542 602310

Apart from connecting the two banks, it was a symbol of the Alidosi family's sway. It is a masterpiece of civil engineering as confirms a local saying: "There is only one Pope, only one God and only Castel del Rio's bridge." It is a hog-backed/hump-backed and single-span bridge stretching 42 m and rising 19 m.
The bridge's abutments contain a few different-sized rooms with a defensive function. The bridge underwent various changes: in 1642, in 1698-99 and in 1725 to repair the damages provoked by an earthquake. Lastly, it was restored and strengthened in the 50s. It has been national monument since 20 November 1817.Bolognese, hanno consentito di restituire al Ponte il suo valore simbolico di storia e di voglia di comunicare.

Source: local Staff area imolese

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