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Loiano - Via Orzale, 16

Astronomical Observatory




Always open
Il telescopio da 152 cm il primo sabato del mese: settembre - aprile: ore 14-16; maggio - agosto 16-18. È possibile prenotare visite diurne e notturne


Telephone: +39 051 6544434
MOBILE: +39 051 6544434


The Loiano Telescopes
At the end of the nineteenth century, because of the increasing negative influence of city lights and air pollution on astronomical observations, astronomers recognized the need to build new observing facilities in remote locations. To continue their scientific production, the old observatories migrated and chose new sites in the hills, far from fog and electric lights. Bologna's astronomers chose a hill near Loiano, a small town about 35 Km from Bologna, on the National Road 65 (S.S. Futa), at a altitude of 800m (2420ft) above sea level.



  • The 152 cm telescope is regularly open to the public the first Saturday of every month at the following times: September to April: from 14 to 16, May-August: 16 to 18;
  • The model of the solar system and cosmic calendar is always visible during the day.
  • You can book day tours for school groups and guided tours of the telescopes and model of the solar system and the Cosmic Calendar by phoning 0516544434.
  • The evening tours to the telescope of 60 cm under the "Favor With the Dark" cover up to 30 people per evening. To book visits and for more information please contact on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 12 noon at the Library of Loiano:
    tel. 0516543617.
  • The Astronomical Museum "Specola" in Bologna organizes conferences: monthly meetings of astronomical information to the public. First of every month at the Hall of the Specola of Via Zamboni, 33, starting at 16..

Source: local staff of Bologna

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