Luigi Fantini Archaeological Museum

Monterenzio - Via del Museo, 2

Luigi Fantini Archaeological Museum


Entry price: € 3.00
reduced € 2.00, for children between 6 and 14 years, over 65 years, groups. Free: up to 6 years old, schools, college students with ID, for all the 1st Sunday of the month.


Always open
May-Sep: Tuesday-Friday 9-13, Saturday and holidays 9-13 and 15-18, Saturday and public holidays from October to April 9-13 and 15-18 hours, weekdays by appointment.


Telephone: +39 051 929766
FAX: +39 051 929766

It started out following the discovery of the pre-Roman settlement on Monte Bibele, around the village of Monterenzio. The earliest findings were dug up during World War II when German soldiers, settled along the Gothic Line, found some skeletons; the skeletons turned out to be part of the cemetery of ancient locals that had lived around Monte Bibele between the middle of the V century and the beginning of the II century BC.

The new museum was opened on July the 8th 2000 and documents the life of people living in the valley of the rivers Idice and Zena; it displays objects that have been found since the ‘80s during excavation campaigns in the Etruscan-Celtic settlements around Monte Bibele.?The museum has the richest collection of Celtic findings in the region and is one of the most important also at national level; it features the reconstruction of the wooden structure of a house from the area of Pianella on Monte Savino, with furniture and objects, original as well as reproductions, documenting the everyday life of local communities in the past. ?The museum is run in collaboration between the municipality of Monterenzio and archaeologists of the University of Bologna; it hosts research and didactic workshops curated by the departed of archaeology. There is also a room for school workshop.

Owner: Municipality of Monterenzio?; Director: Prof. Daniele Vitali?; Theme: archaeology; ?Itinerary-geographic area: Apennines; ?Currently: open to the public; ?Communication and publications: guides, brochures, catalogues and postcards; ?Services: guided tours, conferences, lectures, school workshops, bookshop, conservation

Source: local Staff Appennino Bolognese

Pic  Michela Simoncini in CC

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