Morandi Museum

Bologna - c/o Palazzo d'Accursio, Piazza Maggiore, 6

Morandi Museum


Entry price: € 6.00
reduction € 4.00. Free admission on Wednesday and children under 6


Always open
Tue. to Fri. 11am - 6pm; Sat., Sun. and Holidays 11am - 8pm


Telephone: +39 051 6496611

The Morandi Museum in Bologna is situated within the prestigious Palazzo d'Accursio, civic and cultural heart of the city. The Museum houses the richest collection of Giorgio Morandi's works, in an exhibition space which offers many moments of thought and reflection. The 254 works which make up the collection (62 paintings from 1910 to 1964, 18 watercolours, 92 sketches, 78 etchings, 2 sculptures and 2 engraved plates) are exhibited in silent and spacious surroundings pervaded by the "morandian light" which emanates from every image, translucent like the limpid skies over the hills of Bologna.

During the visit it is possible to see an area dedicated to works of various artists from Morandi's private ancient art collection; some "rooms of memories" conserving other well-known objects which belonged to him including etchings of family portraits; the library-archive where all Morandi's books of art and literature are catalogued along with a vast patrimony of historical-documentary material relative to the artist and his work.

All the rooms are air-conditioned and there is full access for disabled visitors. The Morandi Museum organises exhibitions of the artist in Italy and abroad and publishes books and catalogues. In its gallery the museum promotes exhibitions, concerts and lectures.

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