Morandi's House

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Morandi's House


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Besides MAMbo (Modern Art Gallery), Museo Morandi (Morandi Museum), Villa delle Rose (Gallery) and the Museum dedicated to Ustica, the Istituzione Galleria D'Arte Moderna di Bologna (Institution of Modern Art Gallery of Bologna) has got a new space: the house where Morandi lived and worked almost all his life.

In 1933 the artist and his family moved to no. 36 of via Fondazza. Morandi chose for himself the room facing the courtyard, the most secluded one, where the light entered through the window from the left side, over the garden view with flower beds and olive trees, and with roofs grazed by the air from the hills. That view is portrayed in many of his works. In this room he used to dedicate time to meditation, work and rest, in an uninterrupted dialogue with his reality and images. It is like a microcosm where everything revealed itself as a source of interest to him; a place of utter semplicity, that became his place of art; a fundamental condition for creation.

The room-atelier, the athmosphere, the original belongings such as bottles, containers, jugs, kitchen utensils, boxes and other subjects of Morandi's "still life", live again in the Appartment in Via Fondazza.

The recently restored Morandi's house, together with the extraordinary heritage of the Morandi Museum, increases the "Morandi's itinerary" in the town, and offers many opportunities to widen the research on the artist. At disposal of the visitors there are audio-video installations and other multimedial tecnologies, as well as a library with the artist's documents.

A special multi-use space will host meetings, conferences and cultural events.

The restoration was realized by a project of Studio d'Architettura Iosa Ghini, sponsored by Comune di Bologna (Bologna Municipality) and Unindustria Bologna.

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