Museum of St Domenico - Art Gallery

Imola - Via Sacchi, 4

Museum of St Domenico - Art Gallery


Entry price: € 3.50
Reduced: € 2.50, € 1.50 special. Cumulative: Palace and Fortress Tozzoni: 5 €; Museum, Palace and Fortress Tozzoni: 6 €; Free: schools more escorts, reporters, tourist guides


Always open
Saturday 15-19, Sunday 10-13 and 15-19. Open by appointment: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-13. To visit the museum by people with physical disabilities booking is required


Telephone: +39 0542 602609
FAX: +39 0542 602608

The complex consists of two cloisters, one church and the convent rooms. The Picture Gallery is presently housed in the second 15th century cloister. The second cloister is undergoing restoration works.
The visit begins on the first floor while the ground floor houses temporary exhibitions. The collection consists of 65 works on canvas, table as well as frescoes. Paintings are arranged according to their provenance.
A wing of the cloister houses a "virtual museum" containing the copies of those works no longer located in Imola.
The following vast rooms display works coming from the town's places of worship as well as paintings by Innocenzo da Imola, Giacomo Zampa and 16th century artists from Bologna such as Orazio Sanacchini and Lavinia Fontana.
Smaller rooms house the Collection "Calderini" and the Collection "Codronchi Torelli". The last section collects 20th century paintings by artists from Imola such as Montevecchi, Della Volpe, Sartelli, Raccagni but also by De Pisis, Cantatore, Guttuso and Casorati.

Source: local Staff Area Imolese


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