Tozzoni Palace

Imola - Via Garibaldi, 18

Tozzoni Palace


Entry price: € 3.50
Reduced: € 2.50, € 1.50 Special; Cumulative: € 5 Tozzoni Palace and Fortress, Museum of San Domenico Palace and Fortress Tozzoni € 6. Free: schools more escorts, reporters, tourist guides.


Always open
Saturday 15-19, Sunday 10-13 and 15-19. Open by appointment: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-13. To visit the museum by people with physical disabilities is we suggest the booking.


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The building is the result of renovation works carried out in 1726-1738 by the architect Domenico Trifogli perhaps following the suggestions of Alfonso Torreggiani, the main representative of Late Baroque.
A beautiful main staircase decorated with plaster statues by the Flemish Francesco Jansens leads to the rooms of the first floor. Worth special mention are the quarters in the Bolognese Baroque style such as the Bedroom decorated with gold and yellow damask upholstering. The Main Hall houses part of the painting collection formed between the 17th and the 18th century to furnish the rooms of the renovated residence.
The Empire style quarters date back to 1818 when the Count Giorgio Barbato Tozzoni married Orsola Bandini.
The ground floor houses the remarkable library and the archives.
Lastly, the cellars contain tools and items taken from the old rural world.

Source: local Staff Area Imolese


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