MIC - International Museum of Ceramics

Faenza - Viale Baccarini, 19

MIC - International Museum of Ceramics


Entry price: € 8.00
€ 5 Schools: 3 €. Special family: 12 € Free: Friends of Ceramics and the MIC, children under 11 years, potters


Always open
October to March: Tuesday to Friday 10-13.30, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10-17.30 April to September: Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays 10-19


Telephone: +39 0546 697311
FAX: +39 0546 27141


Along side the initial structure housing the Room of Nations, the museum subsequently inaugurated the permanent exhibitions of Modern Italian Ceramic Art (in 1926), the room containing ancient Italian majolica and the popular ceramics room (in 1916) and the Far East room (in 1919). Educational rooms were also inaugurated regarding Italian majolica, prehistoric and classic ceramics, ceramics from the East and pre-Columbian ceramics. The Italian contemporary ceramics section is continuously expanded by the works of the “Faenza” competition awards. The museum also contains a specialised library and a photograph exhibition, a study workshop which was inaugurated in 1979, and a restoration workshop, founded in the 80’s.The present itinerary allows the visitors of the museum to admire the pre-Columbian Ceramics, the Classical Antiques hall (especially Greek, Etruscan and Roman) and the ceramics from the Middle-East (especially Islamic) on the ground floor, while on the first floor the Faience majolicas from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries, the Italian Majolica works of the Renaissance period and the ceramics from the 1600’s to the 1800’s, divided into regions. Then there is the “Faenza” awards room that contains the winning works of the International Contemporary Ceramic Art Contest held from 1938 until today. Finally there is the Europa Room where there is a selection of ceramics that represent the major European cities from the 14th to 19th centuries and several works by artists famous around the world such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Léger and Rouault. Other rooms are dedicated to ceramic design and temporary exhibitions.


Additional notes: The main event connected to the museum is the International Awards for Contemporary Ceramic Art which started in 1938 and which took place yearly. In 1963 it became an International event and from 1989 it has been taking place on a twice-yearly basis. The winner receives the “Premio Faenza” award and the winning work is displayed in the hall that houses other works that took part in the same competition, demonstrating the change of styles and of material that have taken place in contemporary ceramics. In 1988 the Biennial Ancient and Modern Ceramics exhibition was born, at which exhibitions on various themes and Market Exhibitions hosting antique dealers and art gallery directors from around the world, are held.

UNESCO: The MIC has been declared a "Monument messenger of a culture of peace" as "an expression of art ceramics in the World"


Source: local Staff Terre di Faenza

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