Archaeological Museum

Voghiera - Strada Provinciale 274

Archaeological Museum


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Always open
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10-12: 15-18


Telephone: +39 0532 328511
FAX: +39 0532 818030
INFOLINE: +39 392 6761945


The Archaeological Museum is situated in the area near the tower at the entrance to Belriguardo Palace. It exhibits the finds which have been unearthed from the excavations of the Roman necropolis of Voghenza: gold and amber jewellery, amphorae and other types of containers, oil lamps, money, balsam jars in glass paste and a beautiful balsam jar in onyx. All these objects were ritually buried next to the deceased. There is a rich epigraphic section where the funeral steles for Valerian and Junia Lucinian, as well as burial stones for Hygia and Ulpius Secondus are displayed.
The upper room is dedicated to other finds from the neighbourhood and especially from the area of Fondo Tesoro, where, together with testimonies from different historical eras, are some interesting objects from an early-medieval burial ground.
The ground floor is also equipped for the visually impaired with a tactile route especially structured with explanatory texts in Braille, audio cassettes and raised strips on the floor.

Source: local Staff of Ferrara


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