Delizia di Benvignante

Argenta - Strada Statale 16 per Argenta a 11 Km da Argenta Benvignante

Delizia di Benvignante




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This work by the court architect, Pietro Benvenuto degli Ordini, was carried out for Borso d'Este and is an excellent example of the refined, elegant Ferrarese style during the Renaissance period. Although the building is in the category of a country villa, it also played an important role as both a defensive outpost and as a symbol of political power. This might was represented by the vaulted, turreted tower in the centre of the building. The coat of arms gazes out over the brickwork arched entrance and is yet another sign of the splendour of times gone by. The building is currently being restored.

Source: local Staff of Ferrara


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