Estense Castle

Ferrara - Castello Estense, Largo Castello

Estense Castle


Entry price: € 8.00
Lions Tower 2 €. Reduction 6,50 € (under 18 anni; over 65; groups 15 pax). school 4,50 €


Always open
Tue-Sun 9.30-17.30. March-May open daily.


Telephone: +39 0532 299303
FAX: +39 0532 299279

In Ferrara in 1385, a dangerous revolt convinced Niccolò II d’Este of the need to erect mighty defences for himself and his family; thus the Castello di San Michele was built, a fortress erected against the people. Its imposing proportions, its moat, its drawbridges and its towers date back to that remote period. An elevated covered passageway, which still exists, joined the military building to the marquises’ Palace, today Palazzo Municipale. Centuries went by and the risk of riots died down. And so the castle became the magnificent residence of the court and was embellished with roof terraces at the top of the towers, marble balconies, the Renaissance style courtyard (at the time fully frescoed) and sumptuous apartments. The imposing towers stand out at the four corners of the Castle, symbols of the magnificence of the Este Family: the Torre di Santa Caterina; the splendid Torre dei Leoni, from which it is possible to admire the panorama of Ferrara (you can climb to the top of it during the visit of the Castle); the Torre Marchesana; the Torre di San Paolo.

Source: local Staff of Ferrara

Foto: Archivio Apt - Comune di Ferrara

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