Manifattura dei Marinati

Comacchio - Via Mazzini, 200

Manifattura dei Marinati


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Always open
Winter hours (November 1 - February 28): 9.30-13 and 14.30-18. Summer hours (from March 1 to October 31): 9.30-12.30 and 15-19.


Telephone: +39 0533 81742


The imposing eel pickling factory at Comacchio has reopened its doors. A piece of the delta's history returns to its former splendour to celebrate a past too important to be forgotten. Life in the Valli was hard, a life spent between the ubiquitous water and the meagre patches of flat land, searching for eels and fish to survive. The Museo dei Fuochi tells of these affairs with its twelve functioning chimneys that served to give the eel that characteristic cooking that has put it back on modern menus. The fires, the spits (until a few decades ago turned by the courageous women of Comacchio), the ancient structures and the barrels have all been restored to recreate the fascinating storyline of a territory interwoven with legends and truths. A museum that is not just a place to visit, but also a symbol that allows us to fully understand the true conditions of a land constantly struggling with itself.


Source: local Staff of Ferrara


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