Municipal Theatre

Ferrara - Corso Martiri della libertà, 5

Municipal Theatre




Always open
Box office: Monday to Friday at 15.30-19. Saturday 10-12.30 / 15.30-19 For evening performances: up to top performance. For matinee performances or public holidays from one hour before the show.


Telephone: +39 0532 202675
FAX: +39 0532 206007
INFOLINE: +39 0532 218311


The theatre front occupies an angular position at the town's main crossroads. The façade on the castle side is characterised by a broad portico and is connected to the side that faces the Church of San Carlo by an elegant elliptical open space: both served to shelter the public queuing for the performances or upon leaving whilst they waited for their carriages to take them home. The interior is a classic example of 'Italian theatre', elegant and practical. The ceiling and the theatre boxes were splendidly decorated with frescoes and stucco by Francesco Migliari in 1850. The man behind the innovative acoustics, the famous 'sound curves', is believed to be Cosimo Morelli. Thanks to its rich drama and concert seasons the theatre attracts large audiences and in recent years has also hosted the concerts organised by Ferrara-Musica.

Source: local Staff of Ferrara


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