The Mill on the Po

Ro Ferrarese - Via Giovanni Bonetti, 1

The Mill on the Po


Free entrance to the mill. Guided tour: € 2.00, € 1.50 for groups with a guide. Free Up to 6 years.


Always open
From 15 March to 30 September: Sat 14-19 entrance drive, Sun 10-19 with a guide, Mon-Fri. 10-18 without a guide. From 1 October to mid March: visits by appointment only unguided


Telephone: +39 0532 868074
MOBILE: +39 0532 868074
FAX: +39 0532 868239

An old-style mill in full working order has recently been built and operates as a centre for guided nature and literary trails that help visitors appreciate the special nature of the surroundings characterised by typical trees and shrubs. There are also picnic areas and bicycle trails and footpaths along the PO River embarkment.

Source: local Staff of Ferrara


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