Armeria Albicini

Forlì - Palazzo del Merenda - Corso della Repubblica, 72

Armeria Albicini




Always open
Tuesday to Sunday 9-13; on Tuesday also 15-17.30


Telephone: +39 0543 712606
FAX: +39 0543 712618
INFOLINE: +39 0543 712659


The Armoury keeps the weapons collected by Marquis Raffaello Albicini and donated to the Civic Museums by his son Livio. A hundred pieces had been added afterwards, but they perfectly match with the original 410 weapons.
The variety of the relics is impressing; they go from the XV to the XIX century.
There are pole weapons, armours in different styles and the armour of Bruno Zampeschi lord of Forlimpopoli. There is also a wide collection of swords and dress swords.
There are 17 harquebuses and a rich group of small firearms.


Source: local Staff of Forlì


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