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Forlì - Palazzo del Merenda - Corso della Repubblica, 72

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 Today, most of the works covering the 12th-18th century time span have been moved to San Domenico museum. The Art Gallery of Forlì was created in 1938, thanks to donations by citizens and the works of art owned by the Council after Napoleon's suppression; other works were collected following the "subversive" regulations set in 1866.

Many artworks were added in the 20th century, with the Piancastelli painting collection (15th and 16th century paintings of Romagna artists, among whom G. Marchesi, B. Ramenghi, L. Longhi, Innocenzo da Imola, Bertucci) and the Pedriali painting collection (important works by R. Ruysch, J. Sablet, G. Fattori), the Righini donation (oil paintings and etchings by G. Morandi) and the Verzocchi collection on the subject 'The work', including paintings by the most renowned Italian artists of the first and second part of the 20th century.

The entrance hall houses, at the centre, the statue of Hebe by Antonio Canova and, on the sides, large 17th century canvases by F. Albani, A. Sacchi, G. Cagnacci, C. Serra, Guercino, B. Gennari, C. Maratta, C. Cignani, and late-medieval and Renaissance sculptures. 

Source: local Staff of Forlì


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