Palazzo Comunale

Forlì - Piazza Saffi, 8

Palazzo Comunale




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The Palazzo Comunale, which now hosts the Town Hall, was built in the year 1000 as a fort around the very ancient Tower and later enlarged toward the area of Campo dell'Abate. In 1412 it became the residence of the Ordelaffis and underwent various extensions and improvements carried out over the centuries. The present façade, designed by the engineers Gottardo Perseguiti and Giovanni Bertoni, dates back to the time when the Cardinal Sanseverino was Legate of the Pope (1812 - 1826). At the end of the staircase a narrow gallery leads to several richly frescoed rooms. Special attention deserves the Board Room also known as the Feast Room, designed by Bibiena. The works of art are cleverly expressed in a trompe l'oeil architectural motif representing columns, balconies, balustrades, windows and frames. The present mayor's rooms, once the apartment of the Podestà (the Captain of the People) during the Napoleonic time, is decorated with fine frescoes by Felice Giani. The building also hosts the Nymph Hall, where some frescoes by Francesco Menzocchi from 1563 can be admired, although they became damaged and barely legible.


Source: local staff Forlì


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