Palazzo del Podestà

Forlì - Piazza Aurelio Saffi, 53

Palazzo del Podestà




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At the corner with Corso Diaz is the Palazzo del Podestà, which is housed in a private building and can only be seen from the outside. Built in 1460 on the ruins of a former construction, the building was designed with a Gothic style – well visible in the two orders of windows with one and two openings – and is made in local bricks, as are the capitals of the columns. The portico with the pointed arches, which distinguish this public building dating back to the free-city period, is decorated with capitals with angle leaves featuring the ancient cross of the people and the coat of arms of the Ordelaffis who had commissioned the palace. During restoration works in the Twenties, a balcony was built on the first ‘piano nobile’ floor, following the traces left on the walls by the passage area with access to an iron cage from 1426 where convicts and their dead bodies were placed to be looked at by the inhabitants of the city.

Source: local Staff Forlì

Pic.  Aptservizi - ph Dervis Castellucci

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