Petrella Theatre

Longiano - Via IV Novembre

Petrella Theatre




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Telephone: +39 0547 665113
FAX: +39 0547 627245

Built between 1850 and 1870, it was inaugurated with a solemn ceremony during the last week in July 1870 after a long series of economic vicissitudes. It is named after the composer Errico Petrella, who directed here his famous play "I promessi Sposi". It is a typical Italian theatre with a horseshoe structure, twenty-five boxes and a big gallery, seating, in total, about 250 people. The Petrella theatre worked regularly until the beginning of World War II, which was followed by a period of decline during which it was used for other purposes. In 1982 the town council decided to start the first restoration works, which were carried out by the architect Sanzio Castagnoli and completed in 1986, restoring the original decorations of the theatre and the possibility of raising the stalls to the same level of the stage, thus turning it into a circular theatre, which is a unique feature of this theatre. The activity of the Petrella theatre is very lively and varied since it is also used as venue for theatrical courses and workshops.


Source: local Staff Forlì-Cesena


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