Praetorian Palace or the Grand Ducal Commissioners

Terra del Sole - P.zza d'Armi, 2

Praetorian Palace or the Grand Ducal Commissioners


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The façade and loggias are decorated with the coats of arms of the various grand-ducal Commissioners that ruled over the so-called "Tuscan Romagna" from 1579 to 1784. Once seat of the Civil and Criminal Court, the building has some lunettes decorated with frescoes portraying the symbols of justice, Christian devotion and Florentine power, while its still intact dungeons are decorated with drawings and inscriptions. The cells are connected by a double spiral staircase made of sandstone ashlars, of great architectural interest since it consists of two spiral staircases that spiral together around a common axis. The prisons include 9 cells, 2 of which were public and used for civil or petty offences and 7of which were secret or criminal and used for criminal offences. Inside the cells, which are very narrow and have a barrel vault, there are many inscriptions, drawings and graffiti made by prisoners.
The portico consists of an elegant arcade with three arches and cross vaults decorated with beautiful frescoes portraying the coats of arms of the grand-ducal Commissioners. A 'hallway' leads you to the  colonnaded atrium with a Doric and Ionic order, connected by a denticulate terracotta cornice. In the centre of the atrium there is a well with a terracotta arch, which offers a very peculiar view.
Today, the building houses the Museo dell'Uomo e dell'Ambiente.

Source: local Staff Forlì-Cesena


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