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The original core of the Theatre Museum consists of a bequest by the heirs of the famous Forlì tenor singer Angelo Masini. The Museum is housed in several rooms. Next to the room dedicated to Angelo Masini, is a room with musical instruments of concert artists from Romagna luthier's workshops. Another room is dedicated to Maria Farneti, a soprano singer from the early 20th century, and to Lidelba from Forlì, whose real name was Ines Fronticelli Baldelli, who was admired for her operetta performances. The Theatre of Forlì, destroyed in 1944, comes back to life in old photos making up along with documents, theatre plans and playbills another section of the Museum and witnessing the rich activity of the Romagna stages.

Gaddi Palace
Born out of the merger of several medieval houses, the building, located at number 96 Corso Garibaldi, became in successive stages one of the most important noble palaces of the city. The imposing body still retains traces of the interventions which were made over the years. The portico with loggia and the room with the late 16th century corbels are the only surviving elements of the original building. In the 18th century, the Gaddi family made substantial alterations to the building and turned it into a sumptuous baroque dwelling-place, with the addition of an entrance staircase to the fist floor and the heightening of the building. In comparison to the mighty, but unobtrusive and plain façade, the interior is lavishly decorated with stuccos and frescoes. The building can be entered through an entrance hall leading to the magnificent 18th century staircase with a large-size baroque statue of Abundance on the first landing. The building is topped by a richly frescoed dome with scenes of the Triumph of Zephyrus and Flora and a ribbed vault showing precious stucco-works in the four pendentives. From the first floor landing there is an access to the beautiful hall, now Gaddi Room. Some ceilings are decorated with tempera paintings by Felice Giani. The building is flanked by the picturesque Via Gaddi graced by historic gas-lit lamps.


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