Villa Torlonia

San Mauro Pascoli - Via Due Martiri

Villa Torlonia




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'La Torre' is situated in the outskirts of San Mauro. It is at the centre of what was the rural estate of the Torlonia family and was administered by the father of Giovanni Pascoli. Here the poetry of Pascoli underwent its painful process of maturing. In fact Giovanni was also here as a child when on 10 August 1867 he saw the faithful little dappled mare bringing his father's corpse home after he had been assassinated by unknowns on his return jorney from the market of Cesena. The Pascolis then had to leave the Torlonia farm and go back to the family house where Giovanni was born in the centre of town.
In 1974 the Ministry of Education declared the building to be of special historical interest as a typical (and now rare) example of a 17/18th. century villa of Romagna and issued a preservation order on account of the 'unusual planimetric design of the main structure the splendid 18th century front door:.. and the tower which emphasises the main entrance to the buildings..'
At the sides of the main building two smaller constructions jut out. One served as the farmer's living quarters, store and depository for equipment and the other, on the opposite side, is a small 19th century church which is still intact and where mass is still celebrated. To the rear are the stabels.
Under the Torlonia 'la Torre' became a model farm and continued to prosper until the end of World War II. After the death of don Giovanni Torlonia the grandchildren sold the property which then became the scene of dire struggles on the part of the farm workers to prevent the farm from being which put it to degrading use and allowed it to fall into ruin.
Now the property is of the local authorities and it is being restored.

During the summer the local tourist office organises free guided tours.
During the S.Crispino Fair the local council,with the contribution of 'Sammauroindustria' organises important exhibitions dedicated to the 'shoe world'



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