Balsamic Vinegar Museum

Spilamberto - Via F. Roncati, 28

Balsamic Vinegar Museum


Entry price: € 2.00
tasting € 4 (Sunday 9-12 or by appointment), over 65 € 1, € 2 and tasting. Free for children under 18 years and for schools with reservation


Always open
Tue-Sun 9.30-13 and 15-19. Guided tours by appointment


Telephone: +39 059 781614
FAX: +39 059 7861913


Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is made in the ancient "Domini Estensi" area using cooked grape must, matured with a slow vinegarisation. Dark brown in colour, it has a characteristic smell and a traditional, inimitable and well-balanced sweet and sour flavour.


The Museum is located on the ground floor of Villa Fabriani, which already hosts (in the attic) both the Acetaia Comunale and the Consorteria dell'Aceto Balsamico.
visitors to the museum can explore each phase of the balsamic vinegar making process from vine selection to constructing the barrels, as well as harvesting, pressing, cooking the must and the acetaia.

Guests can discover the complexities of how the vinegar is prepared and learn the need to protect its name, regulate its manufacturing process as well as appreciate its unique nature while discovering each phase of a process which - up until now - has been jealously guarded by family-owned acetaie.

They can take part in a unique Modenese experience and contribute to supporting the continuity and respect of a centuries-old tradition. Guided tours can be booked over the telephone during the Museum's opening hours or by email by writing to the address above.

za conosciuta e apprezzata in tutto il mondo: anche per questo l’Unione Europea gli ha attribuito la Dop.

Source: local Staff of Modena


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