Benedectine museum of dioceses sacred art

Nonantola - via Marconi, 3

Benedectine museum of dioceses sacred art


Entry price: € 3.00
€ 1.5 for students over 65 years, teachers. Free: Christian religious, disabled people and carers, teachers, military, children under 6 years, travel guides and journalists.


Always open
9-12.30/15-18.30 from Tuesday to Saturday, Sunday and holidays 15-18.30


Telephone: +39 059 549025
FAX: +39 059 544242


The oldest collection on display at the museum is the Abbey's treasures, which include an outstanding relic of the Holy Cross - a unique artistic and religious treasure of Eastern Christianity - a reliquary cross, with a double, embossed crosspiece containing the effigies of the Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena (11-12th century), a reliquary cross with a Greek cross (13th - 14th century), the reliquary of Saints Synesius and Theopompus (end of the 12th century - beginning of the 13th century); the reliquary containing the arm of Saint Sylvester (1372) and a small ivory reliquary (end of the 11th century - start of the 12th century). The Cantatorio or Gradual (end of the 11th century - beginning of the 12th century), the "Matilde" Gospels (12th century) and the Acta Sanctorum must be added to these.


The Nonantola section also contains an exhibit which includes a wide array of parchments from the Abbey Archives, some of which bear the monogram of the Emperor Charlemagne and the Countess Matilde of Canossa in addition to the Polittico di Michele by Matteo Lambertini (beginning of the 15th century), the Ascension altarpiece of the Ferrara school and other unique treasures, paraments and liturgical furnishing from the diocese.

The "La Fabbrica del Codice" (The Codex Lab) Teaching Laboratory is available during the school year and provides children with basic information on how a medieval codex manuscripts were prepared.


Source: local Staff of Modena 

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