Ducal Palace

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Ducal Palace


Entry price: € 7.00
Reduced 5 € for children aged 6 to 12 years - free for children under 6 years


Always open
on certain Sundays is possible a guided tour. A reservation is required at the offices of Modenatur tel. +39 059 220022


Telephone: +39 059 225671
INFOLINE: +39 059 2032660


Ducal Palace military academy
The elegant façade has three windows placed side-by-side and crowned by balustrades with statues. The central and lateral parts are raised. The courtyard of honour with an elegant two-storey arcade is considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. From here you access the monumental staircase of honour adorned with Roman statues, which leads to the numerous rooms of the Estense Residence. Special mention should be made of the Sala del Trono, Salottino d'Oro, Salone d'Onore and the Sala dello Stringa.
Today the palace is the headquarters of the Military Academy.
The History Museum of the Military Academy holds weapons and armatures, memorabilia, relics and military items (flags, uniforms, drums, etc.)

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