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Estense library




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Composed of a remarkable number of miniatures and works of literary, historical and artistic interest from the era of the marquis Niccolo' III, it was embellished with the Renaissance splendour of Leonello, Borso, Ercole and Alfonso. In 1764 Francis III made the library public. After national unification it was combined with the university library and thus became what today is the Estense University Library. Among the most valuable works kept in the library are the Bible of Borso d'Este which is a masterpiece of Ferrarese miniature painting ( 15th century ), the Genealogy of the Princes d'Este, the Missal of Borso, the Breviary of Ercole, the collection of Obizzi di Catajo, the correspondence of the Muratori and the Tiraboschi.

Source: local Staff of Modena

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