San Silvestro abbey

Nonantola - Piazza Abbazia

San Silvestro abbey


Guided tours are available by reservation in advance by contacting the parish.


Always open
weekdays and holidays 7.30-21. Mass times: weekdays 9.00 - prefestive 17.30 (winter) and 18.30 (DST); holidays 9, 11.15, 17.30 (legal 18.30)


Telephone: +39 059 549053
FAX: +39 059 546545

The S. Silvestro Abbey in Nonantola dates back to the VIII century.
It is a suggestive example of Romanesque architecture with its imposing, compact brick structure. It is characterized, in particular, by the Portal with marble uprights and architraves by the Wiligelmo school and the original apse of remarkable beauty.
With a regular interval of quadrilobed pilasters the inside is divided into three naves. The most suggestive part of the church is the crypt where light barely enters, blocked by the 64 columns bearing striking ancient capitals.

Source: local Staff of Modena

Foto di veritadellabibbia in CC

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