Sestola's Castle

Sestola - Via del Castello

Sestola's Castle


Entry price: € 4.00
€ 2.00 persons over 60, free for children under 14 years. Guided tour of € 50 for groups of up to 30 people.


Always open
Every weekend hours 10-12 and 15-19. The Castle and its museum have the same opening hours


Telephone: +39 0536 62324
FAX: +39 0536 61621

During the dominion of the Estensi family, it was the seat of the governorship of the Frignano province. The defensive structure is characterized by XVI century walls, surrounding this group of buildings, that one can enter from three entrance portals. It is divided in two parts: the "Village" and the "Fort". The Village includes the military and the servants' buildings (worth mentioning are the soldiers' quarters, the jails, the Commander's little Palace and the oratory). The fort, on the contrary, included the government and the administrative buildings. In the latter, worth mentioning is the clock-tower (dated 1572). The fort is, at present, a property of the municipality, which, in summer, organizes different cultural initiatives. Inside the fort, one can find the Museum of the Mountain Civility and the Museum of the mechanical musical instruments. It is possible to visit the interior of the walls, also in winter, and to admire from it the outer village, the church and the fort. The park is always open, too. It is possible to visit the fort for payment, every summer day and every week end in June and September. Turning to I.A.T., to the municipal library (0536/62190), or to Mr Balboni Emilio (0536/61324), schools and groups of tourists can book guided tours to the castle and to the museums.

Source: local Staff of Appennino Modenese


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