Castle of Roccabianca

Roccabianca - Piazza Minozzi

Castle of Roccabianca


Entry price: € 6.00
Guided tours. Children: up to 14 years 3 €. Groups: € 4.5. Schools: didactic activities € 2.5, € 2.5 up to junior high, senior high € 3.5. Card of Duchy € 5


Always open
February and March Saturday 14.30/17.30, 14.30/17.30 and holidays 10-11. April to October Saturday 15-18, 15-18 holidays. November and December: Saturday 14.30/17.30, 14.30/17.30 and holidays 10-11. Working days and groups with reservations.


Telephone: +39 0521 374596
FAX: +39 0521 374056

Originally surrounded by a moat, it has a rectangular structure with two bastions and a high central tower and despite the damages of time, it still preserves its forceful appearance. On the ravelin, it displays the coat of arms of the Rangoni and Pallavicino families that took possession of the castle after the collpse of the Rossi family.

The interiors once boasted a cycle of frescoes depicting the Life of Griselda, inspired by the 100th novella of Boccaccio's Decameron. Little remains today of it: the walls and vault of the room, together with the Pier Maria Rossi astrological cycle attributed to Nicolò da Varallo and his school have been detached and reassembled in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Thanks to long restoration works due to the last owner, cavalier Mario Scaltriti, the castle has been recently reopened to the public.

Tastings of typical products of the Road of Culatello and free tastings of local homemade liquors are also available by prebooking.
For children available the marvellous world of Fairy tales, open by prebooking.

Source: local Staff Parma

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